Alligator Snapping Turtle for Sale?

Topic: I’m in search for an alligator snapping turtle for sale. Ive tried my local fish shops but they don’t have any. Are people buying pet turtles online or how do they get some of these more exotic species. I really want an alligator snapper and won’t settle for less. Please help me find one?


@Reply: When I purchased my alligator snapper I bought mine from my local pet store but they had to special order it. I know a lot of fish shops don’t have them but they special order them from their whole sale provider. It only takes a couple days to come into the shop but that may depend on where you live too. I also know there are a lot of online retailers that sell and ship alligator snappers. Last time I checked they were around $60 for a younger one shipped.

Just make sure that you do your research before buying one of these little devils! I know a lot of people buy them because they are dangerous and “cool” but take care of a pet to the best of your ability. And don’t showcase the animal’s aggression in videos .. and other ways. (its just not right to the animals).

@Reply: I live in Wisconsin and I ordered mine online for $100 and I paid for next day shipping that cost $40. Depending on where you live will depend on what it costs to ship it.  I am so happy with my turtle still to this day. These snappers are such awesome creatures and I advise to get one. Just make sure to do proper research on setting up their tank.


@Reply: I’ve been thinking about getting one too. What are some ways to cut down on aggresssion and how to care for them?

@Reply: Agreed! Handle a lot as a baby atleast have contact for an hour a day outside of the tank… This seems to help reduce adult agression as they age… there’s Theresa guy in a different group who as an adult acts like a puppy with his family from the attention it gets all the time. They are very intelligent creatures. Much more then given credit for.

@Reply: About a week or so ago she got out. An b4 i found her a puppy did n shes got tooth marks she bleed alot i had a bandage on her for a few days till it scabbed …. do yall think shell b okay she had one deep tooth hole on her back but it seems to have healed ok?

@Reply: Theyre tough as nails. Some antibiotic cream on the wounds wouldnt hurt. If it looks like an infection I would go to the vet. Make sure you have the right supplies and setup before you buy one.

@Reply: I have a baby alligator snapper and im about to set up a 45-50 gal tank. who all can post some pics of their tank set up? so i can get an idea on how i want mine.& .any advice on my turtle or info is welcomed.

@Reply: Now Collecting Snapping Turtler Specie One Reason Because Grow Bigger & More Aggressed Like Especially Alligator Snapping Turtler & I Want Help Some Way This Specie I Do Like Tortoise I Think Live Out Side Water Especially Do Like Those Look More Like a Those Galapagos Island.

@Reply: So I’ve heard I could possibly own a alligator snapping turtle in Texas if it was captive bred and bought out of state. But I can’t find anything saying that. All I can find is that it’s illegal to possess one without a permit and purpose of either education, research or repopulation efforts. I’m so confused because if I could legally have one I’d love one they are my dream turtle.

@Reply: A little bit of good news I had an alligator snapping turtle move into my brand new pond this morning I don’t know yet whether it’s a boy or girl or its weight but I’m guessing it’s around 40 45 pounds because of its size. The only downside is that he moved into a brand new pond that has no other wildlife in it but her/him.

alligator snapper@Reply: You should see the things my snapper has broken with his jaw! These things are crazy dangerous and that’s the only reason I bought one! I like dangerous pets!

@Reply: Sure it’s not a crime to badger your turtle but is it really necessary? “This is what this animal does” when it’s being pestered and is trying to defend itself from a creature that is a hundred times its size. Let’s see how you react when a giant pulls you out of your home and starts poking at you just to get a reaction. Can we all remember to treat our animals with respect, please?

@Reply: Everyone has their own ways of playing with their animals…maybe rich just wanted to show u guys how the turtle actually defends itself. Ever think of that?? Plus he aint poking his turtle with a stick or some hard object that will harm the turtle…soo dont be quick to judge each other. And they are from north america just an fyi

@Reply: And for the ppl who is hating, calm down. These turtles are meant to be this aggressive and will jump like that and try to bite you. If you guys don’t know anything bout them then I suggest you just move on with your day please or go do some research!

@Reply: Got mines on that dude been raising and breeding alligator snapper and selling them all over the US for a long long time now. He does $75 for one but I you buy two then $60 plus shipping . Over night delivery for next day morning arrival at 11am is $45. After noon next day arrival at 3-4pm is $40. 2 day shipping is $25

I paid the $45 next day morning arrival but I got it super early around 9:30 am lol

@Reply: That is one awesome looking turtle! And I’m sure you’ve done this before, but for someone like me, the whole time I’m going, please don’t get bitten, please don’t get bitten, please don’t get bitten…

@Reply: alligator snappers don’t need UVB or UVA lights. Regular lights do fine for them.

@Reply: Yeah they have juveniles for common on turtleshack. Idk how much shipping tho. For the alligators on they only come in baby about quarter size. $45 for overnight ship for morning arrival at 11am, $40 for overnight ship for afternoon arrival around 3-4pm and a 2 day ship for $25. He only ships on mon-wed I think

@Reply: Harsh & mean. Owning a pet is a responsibility, not a disposable toy you can get rid of when you’re done with it or it grows too big. What happens when redtail catfish get too big & people dump them somewhere in the wild & it causes problems for all fish keepers?

@Reply: At least alligator snappers are native to North America, so when people dump them in the wild when they get too big it won’t be as bad as snakeheads were .

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  1. Bo Carter

    please send me price for two alligator snapping turtles. I live in ky and had one for 15 years before she passed. Not the sane with out her. 618-540-8727. Thanks

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