Box Turtle Tank Size Requirements?

Topic: I’m getting a box turtle in a couple of days and need to know what size aquarium should I get for a box turtle. I was thinking of a 20 gallon aquarium and see if it enjoys that. Will a person be able to tell if a turtle isn’t happy with its habitat? I want my turtle to be as happy as possible. Need some help from experienced turtle owners.


Reply from Colleen K.
pet box turtle imageYour going to want to give a box turtle a larger living environment that that. These turtles love larger environments like a 60 gallon tank or larger… Or maybe even a pen that you can setup outside for it. I personally have a 60 gallon tank for my box turtle but I make a religious effort to bring him out in the yard and let him run around to get a larger area to play in.

Reply from Rick V.
If you get an aquarium for your box turtle you should have a filter for the water portion because they usually lay their feces in the water and your going to need to clean that water as much as possible. When you do some research on box turtles you will find out that they hate aquariums because the movement outside of the tank can be seen by them through the glass and it makes them very anxious and have a lot of stress. What I did on my large box turtle tank is painted the back of the tank and the sides so he can feel more safe and not have to watch through the glass.

Reply from Danny U.
If you research the ideal housing for a box turtle people say that large totes are the best thing to use. I had a hard time putting my pet turtle into a tote though… especially when you think of it living in there. I use large aquariums and I’m messing around with the idea if tinting the glass a tiny bit so that the turtle can’t see out of the aquarium but people can see through the aquarium sort of say.

Reply from Vicky A.
That’s a super cool idea Danny you should give us some details on how that goes for the widow tint in the outside of you glass aquarium. It makes sense because my turtle always gets really scarred when all of a sudden the room lights are turned on and I feel bad for frightening him. I’m also looking to some sort of a cover so that it doesn’t happen with the lights scaring him.

Reply from Grant J.
The ideal place for any pet turtle is a pen where he or she can go outside and get real sunlight versus a stupid aquarium light. These are real animals and some travel hundreds of miles in the wilderness to mate every year. And here we are putting them in 30 gallon aquariums.. I hate the idea of turtles being in small tiny tanks with no where to go.

Reply from Sara T.
You say that but you don’t know how much some of us let out turtles go outside or if some of us have garden ponds for our turtles to plan in and more! I do.

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