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Feel free to openly use the email form below to send us messages whenever you desire. We love hearing from our visitors and a lot of the questions we post information on are sent in from our visitors. It gives us a great way to post questions that others could easily have. The form below sends the data directly to our webmaster email and then forwarded to the correct hands.

We ask that when you fill out the subject line that you keep it as on topic as possible. We get a ton of junk mail a day from people that are just looking to spam. We so have spam filters but we ask that you title the subject line regarding your topic or your name. That way we know the email is at least personalized.

If you are looking to write an article an have it posted here, make sure to have it up to good quality and only including one link. Our guest posting guidelines are not too picky as long as the content is very readable and worthy of being shared. I will admit, I do decline some articles so make sure you take your time to have quality content.

If your contacting us regarding advertising opportunities, I must admit that my expectations are a bit high because I place value ahead of anything else. If its not of value or totally off topic of my audience and readers… chances are I will deny the offer. I have had great experience with some offers though and they worked out just great for both ends of the business sides. My readers obtained value and so did the publisher of the advertising.