Cute Baby Turtle Pictures Thread:

Topic: I can’t get enough baby turtle images in my life. I’m obsessed with these cute little critters. Even though I have pet turtles, I never got to see mine as babies. Buying baby turtles is pretty rare so if you have images on your hard drive… let’s see them! Maybe this could turn into a content.. The cutest baby image thread of turtles! Post away.

Posted by Melanie67:

turtle babies

turtle baby


What I don’t understand is how people get babies if it’s illegal here in the United States. I thought it was a nationwide law the head nobody could purchase a baby Turtle that was under so many inches in diameter. Because when we bought our turtles I really was excited about having them as young babies just for the sake because they are so cute but apparently the pet store would not allow it. Sort of a disappointment because I’m a huge fan of these cute little critters and here are some of my favorites that I had saved on my computer and some of these are actually my desktop wallpapers on my computer.

Anonymous replied:
Number one reason why it is illegal is because there was a spread of salmonella like a decade ago and now they’re still wearing about it so they set laws. But actually what was happening was in that case when they got salmonella the child happened to put the turtle in the mouth of the baby or young child and you have to believe that salmonella transferred very easy with the actual turtle in your mouth. It’s kind of sad that one or a couple of children rack this for the rest of us at could’ve actually put some precaution on having a pet like this.



Posted by David R:
Maybe I’ll be the only one to say this but why the heck of the child put a living reptile in their mouth? I understand that children put everything in their mouth at a certain age but maybe that age of the child to not be around a turtle or even be able to grab a hold of the pet turtle. If the child is old enough to hold a pet turtle cage aquarium then it should know and be smart enough not to put anything its mouth. I’m sorry if that offends anyone but I’m a little frustrated on this matter.

Posted by Julia S:
Maybe I’m wrong but wouldn’t salmonella contract just as easily with other reptiles as it does turtles and they still sell baby lizards and other reptiles..? I’ve also been doing a little research on getting a turtle and I was really excited about it being a baby when I got it. I planned on having a photo shoot probably once every day just so I could have the photos at a later date to hang around my house I’m really that creepy.

Posted by Eric M:
I hear all of you complaining about not being able to buy a baby turtle but if you go to an actual under the radar pet store you can buy baby turtles they are just going to urge to you to wash your hands and keep very clean. The smart pet stores that are not mainstream like Petsmart are smart enough to know that anybody with a brain isn’t going to catch salmonella. If you even catch Petsmart at the right time they will sell babies and not say anything about it I’ve seen it happen.

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