My Dog Inured my Turtle.. Need Help

Topic: Um is it possible that he might have a condition?
I know I haven’t been taking good care of them in terms of their diet, enclosure, health, etc..
unsure emoticon. Having 3 of them in a 40g tank with not even half the water’s worrisome because compared to the other two, he’s much smaller and lighter. He eats very slowly too.

His wound on his neck (neck, right? o.o) is from Shelby.
I can’t remember how long has he had it but I know I should do something about it like treat the area. ;__; I will try to get some neosporin for him. Shelby always harasses him. Fluttering his claws at him, nipping at his neck whenever he’s near. It’s like he’s trying to kill him or something. So frustrating to see him pick on the poor guy. Bobby used to bite his inner thighs before and it wasn’t so great either. I would put Bobby in time out mode and eventually he never tried biting Shelby. Shelby ended up healing. Shelby, on the other hand is not so lenient. It has to do with the tank that he is so aggressive (frown emoticon).
Unfortunately I can’t get them a bigger enclosure as of now. I wanted to try getting them a stock tank and building them an indoor pond. I’m afraid our apartment might not handle that. And my mom and possibly my dad, would definitely not like that idea. I suppose they think it’s absurd to spend so much money on them but I can’t entirely blame them because my dad has paid for the tank w/kit + stand I have now.

dog bite turtle

And he even had carried the whole thing up the stairs. My mom, pays for the bills. With the turtles, the water and electricity bills increase. I’ll try getting a summer job as I’m not really going to be taking any summer classes except maybe opt for an online course and use some money to take them all to a vet. Maybe now wouldn’t be a good time to get a bigger home for them even though they truly need it. It may not seem so realistic but I really hope to do so when I transfer to a university and instead of dorming, I can do an apartment or rent a house. It kinda seems foolish of me as I haven’t been doing the best for them. I really wish to be a good owner as I think of them as my own kids.

They have been suffering much more because I’m not capable and have been irresponsible at times. The more I ponder, I feel like I’m at a lost as I’m not financially stable for them and when I’ll be in uni *maybe a yr-2yrs from now as I’m only in a community college* will I be able to provide the best for them? Money doesn’t come easy but I’m willing to work my hardest for them. These little creatures are my loves and I don’t think I would ever want to give them up unless circumstances arise then I would have to painfully do so.

Haha why is it that these guys capture my heart so quickly? I can yell at them or blabber nonsense and they will not falter or seem to care. Their very existence is all that I need. I often find myself treating them like babies. Talking to them in a child-like voice, snapping pictures here and there. I even used to rub my nose amongst theirs and deeming it off as a “nose kiss”. They can despise me for my behavior and scratch me as they see fit, regardless of the pain and emptiness, teasing them from time to time and seeing their faces everyday is worthwhile. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Animals are truly amazing just like little children.


@Reply: A summer job would be great! I love my turtle, too. I’m following this to see what the experts say about your situation.

@Reply: To me sounds like there is some serious aggression and dominance. If you can’t house all three separate, than maybe your best option would be to rehome two and spoil one. I’ve seen turtles kill others from repeated dominance, and none of us want that to happen to you or your turtles. There are cheap alternatives to housing. Rubbermaid makes a 50 gallon tub that you can buy at walmart for less than $20. There are off brands too.. can’t remember the name of them.

@Reply: speaking as a turtle lover: I think you have to make a decision who is going to stay in your tank and live happily together and who has to go. It is not fair for the one to be bullied= injured. Sometimes at your age the hobby of “turteling” as we call this addiction in my family, requires unpopular measures. You want your turtles to be happy, healthy and not being exposed to attacks. In the wild your injured turtle would look for a new place to live, but you are confining it and so it does not have a choice, you are responsible for making choices for it.

@Reply: I agree. I have had two sister live together for many years, suddenly the big sister started attacking her little sister and I had to separte. They shared a 120g LOL Dominance. It had a huge filter so the water was clear. I agree with her, those tubs work wonderful! (I have used them myself, they are bigger than a 40 g tank! and if each turtle gets its own place, they will all be really happy and no more bullying will happen Each turtle needs a lot of water, if they are 4″ each, each turt will need 40 gallons full of water to live the healthiest and grow the best. (They will get 8-12 inches long, too! LOL)

@Reply: And I feel you!! I am not allowed to have any tanks over 40 gallons (says the landlord) Thats why I groom,vaccinate, train, and handle as many dogs as I can to pay for my shell babies LOL It is hard being young! I was a teen in highschool when I received my two big girls in a 20g tank… I saved my allowance for ages! Once you get started, it gets so much easier and more fun and worth it!

@Reply: I like the plastic tub idea, at least so that you can at least temporarily separate them until better arrangements can be made.

@Reply: I feel kind of uneasy about rehoming any of them as I’m easily, emotionally attached to things and I’ve begun to be with these ones. :’/ I do like the idea of the rubbermaid tank/tub. Can you give me a link so I know exactly which one? I looked at Walmart’s website and I can’t seem to find the one under $20. There is also different types so I don’t know which to go for. o: Are there other places I can get them from? Not online, but stores I can go to?

@Reply: Perhaps if the wound would quickly heal would Shelby be less likely to keep biting at him minus the fluttering? I feel as though he has only been attacking that area as it’s exposed.
I think it might have been in this group, but I remember reading something that said to separate then reintroduce again? Not so sure o.o

@Reply: Home Depot, Target, Walmart would be stores for these tubs. You know if you gave your canine more dog training treats maybe he would be less prone to getting in your turtles. I’m joking.. but it’s somewhat true.

@Reply: 120g is big!
About how much space would you suggest the tub would take? Yeah I really want them to be happy. I don’t know if it’s me, but it looks like they have a sad expression on their face at times when I watch them. o.o I’m not sure if they can make such faces.
Ooh a lot of water o: I really don’t know how to tell how big they are by inches lol. Would you check by using a ruler/measuring tape or would you go by the shell/carpace thing?

@Reply: Goodness! Shelby is already about the size of my phone/hand LOL. Such a baby too despite being the biggest one haha.

@Reply: Does that mean I would need a 2nd filter for the tub? Or can I toss out the dirty one instead and put in clean water? o:
If I leave him in the tank/tub during the day and when it’s near bedtime can I put him back in with the others since they’ll be resting and won’t be able to see due to the darkness?

@Reply: I looked at Target’s website and couldn’t find it but maybe that depends on the store.
Okay I’ll probably try calling/shooting an email. Will visit one of the stores this weekend.

@Reply: well it is a rubbermaid brand and it is a tub don’t know if that helps. Plus you can check out the FILE information at the top of the page for stuff about turtles care and set-up requirements that will give you ideas too.

@Reply: Besides seeing them in pictures, I’m not sure how it actually looks but I guess I have to get a glance at it myself in person haha I think it’s pretty cool though. Oh yes! Thanks, I kinda forgot about those lol

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