Easiest Turtle to Own for Beginner?

Question: I’m getting a pet turtle and needing info on the easiest breed of turtle to own. My parents are letting me choose everything because I convinced them I would research everything properly. I need some experienced help on choosing a good pet turtle. Just wondering what the easiest and most common breed is for turtle owners. Thanks for your help everyone.

*Awarded Answer
Posted by Amanda K:
The easiest and most common pet turtle is the Red Eared Slider. They are the choice of most beginners because they’re adaptable living parameters. They can adapt to a wide range of environments. I would highly suggest the Red Eared Slider to you. They have lots of personality and deal well with human interaction. Or maybe I should say they deal with humans “the best” versus other turtles.

red eared slider

Next, this is where I preach to you to make sure you get an adequate size aquarium for your turtle. What most beginners think of as a “large” cage really isn’t that large. A 55 gallon aquarium will be very adequate and maybe you could have two turtles with some pet fish for food. I would advise to check out Petco pet stores famous deal on coupons which amounts to you paying $1 per gallon of aquarium. That means for a 55 gallon tank you would only pay $55. It’s pretty much the best deal known to mankind for buying aquariums. I wouldn’t be afraid to buy a used tank from craigslist either.

Do a lot of research on your species of turtle you choose. Turtles need certain UV lighting aspects too. You will learn that in this community we are very strict on beginners just because we have seen some true horror stories of animals being neglected by beginners that don’t know what they are doing. Good luck to you and you asked a great question.

Posted by Sandy T:
Amanda is absolutely correct on that type a Turtle being the easiest to take care of. Some people may argue that box turtles are a lot easier to take care of because they don’t have as much aquatic lifestyle and that might be a good argument. But I think if you’re looking for an actual turtle in aquatic lifestyle to where you can watch it swim underwater then you’re going to go with a Red Eared Slider. My kids and myself on them for decades now just we’ve had so much fun with them and I would not recommend any other turtle decided. Of all we had some really good luck with painted turtles as well so it’s kind of a tossup between the two.


Posted by Rick R:
My vote goes to the painted turtle because it’s kind of identical to the same personality as a Red Eared Slider. The two names you want to stick to are the red eared slider and the painted turtle if your looking for easy aquatic turtles. I have no knowledge on box turtles so I couldn’t tell you anything about them. I would almost consider the two species to be very similar and either or is going to give you great results for personality and how easy they are care for.

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