Turtles are Fighting and Biting Each other?

Topic: I have owned two Red Eared Sliders for almost a year now and they keep fighting like they hate each other… I’m a bit worried just because I love my turtles and they should be getting a long a lot better like they used to. What could be the cause of them fighting like this? I have a 30 gallon aquarium and it is filtered really good with lots of water changes. Please help.


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Posted by Bailey H:
red eared sliderSorry to hear your turtles are fighting and not getting along. Your aquarium is too small for the both of those turtles. Did you know that the Red Eared Sliders can grow to a full size of 12 inches long. You need to figure on 10 gallons of aquarium per every inch of turtle. So if your turtles are even half that size.. that means that you need a 100 gallon aquarium. So not only is your tank too small for one of the turtles but it is too small for even ONE turtle.

The lack of space is making them have aggression because they cannot swim around and have their proper living space. It would be the same as you living inside of your closet for your home..

There isn’t a nice way to say this.. but you have really made these turtles lifestyle very cramped and some would even consider it to be abuse. Hopefully you have the money to buy them a bigger tank. I truly believe even if you could buy a 55 gallon aquarium that they would be that much more healthier. Its good to see you at least are taking action on the cause and asking others for help.

Posted by Nathan B:
Dude! Your turtles are cramped up like crazy. I want to slap you for hearing that you have two turtles in that small of a tank. You should’ve at least started a little slower and just went with one turn on the inside of your aquarium as a pet. Because now not only are you out of room for any turtle space but you have to of them to deal with. I personally think you should get a larger tank was just get rid of the turtles altogether if you can’t handle it. It’s just my personal opinion on the case.

Reply from Bailey H:
Don’t be Rude. Don’t forget your talking to a turtle owner here! They share the same passion a we do but are just a little uneducated. Maybe you can help educate them instead of telling them to rid of the pet turtle so there is more turtles that don’t have a home… Sometimes people need to remember we are all pet owners here. Your not on some gunsmith forums or redneck paradise hangout. We are the pet turtle forums. Have a little descent behavior towards our friend. #RantOver

Posted by Jake P:
It’s easy to get mad at people who put animals in tiny cages like this and think its fine..?! I get a bit outraged whenever I read this stud but you have brought up a good point Brandy. The tank is way overcrowded fella. You need to either make your turtle cage to save some money or buy an aquarium that’s larger. Don’t forget that you can buy cheap aquariums on craigslist too. People sell them for super cheap after they sit in their storage for a decade haha. Let us know if you need help finding a tank on a budget and your location. Were good at finding deals on tanks.

image source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jcapaldi/

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  1. Mike from Nyc

    This is pure crap what your saying and not really an answer, I have 3 hatchlings in a 75 gallon that’s filled 3 quarters high with water . The reason I clicked on here is cause I googled turtles fighting . Now I have one turtle biting the tail and chasing the other not every second but I see it happening , their about about 2″ inches in a 75 gallon. I will be getting a larger tank as they grow but I don’t think that’s the reason for the fighting so if anybody who really knows what there talking about would like to share any other thoughts please do . Btw tuff rude guy your a jerkoff . Some people need friendly advice not a lesson in what their doing wrong . We’re all on here to learn not be scolded like infants by tuff guys behind computers. I have diamond back terrapins For anyone who can shed some light on the topic

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