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Red Eared Slider Nutrition Needed?

Question: I just got a new pet turtle with a 55 gallon aquarium. I got a Red Eared Slider and don’t know what to feed him. I know the pet store employee gave me some pellets but they look like.. composite crap. I want my turtle to live a good life with good natural foods. What should I be feeding him for the most ideal and natural like nutrition? Help me ASAP.

*Awarded Answer
Posted by Nicky P:
turtle red earedYou should feed your Red Eared Slider pellet food 25% of the time. This type of food is very boring for the turtle but makes sure they are receiving all their needed vitamins for their skin, shell, and all other organs. As far as the rest of their diet, you need to compare it to what they would eat in natural habitat of the outdoors. And yes it is more work to feed them this stuff but it really adds to their health and is the best way to do it.

Earthworms, crickets, snails, minnows and small live fish, bugs, insects in general, shrimp, possible vegetation they would eat in freshwater. It is really quite easy to feed them this stuff if you plan it out accordingly. Pet stores will sell almost all of this stuff. Crickets are super cheap and easy because of the reptile crowd that needs them on a daily basis. Feeder fish the size of minnows are easy to get as well because of the fish aquarium crowd. My fish personally enjoy minnows and insects the most and I’m guessing yours will too. It’s important to give them the boring pellets though remember. Those have needed vitamins in them. Hopefully that’s simple enough to get the point across.

Posted by Nicholas H:
When feeding my turtles I was trying to stick to a 40% rule of using pellet food because this make sure that they get the needed nutritional value in their diet. The pellet food for turtles is basically stacked with nutrients that the turtles need further elements for their skin and shell so it’s almost a vital need and necessity. People will argue that using natural foods all of the time is better but I disagree because they’re not necessarily getting some of the nutritional value and vitamins they need from that food. Because there’s little scenarios that you cannot replicate inside of your cage or habitat that they would obtain out the natural living world.

Posted by Andria T:
I think it also depends on what kind of pellet food you’re using to because their brands that are a lot better than others. What is that they sell at Walmart are just super cheap and they don’t have a really good organic touch to them in the turtles absolutely hate them. Your couple of years of feeding them to your Turle they just cannot stand them compared to live mentals are just juicy insects. Have a hard time getting my turtles even eat that stuff so what I did was I looked up a lot of different brands and some of them were a lot better than others. Do a little research and switch up for brands and the organic value to this stuff because there are a lot of differences when it comes to this pellet food.

Posted by Ryan Z:
I would advise buying your turtle food from Drs. Foster and Smith. You will spend a little more money on the food of course but I think in the long run it will pay off or your turtles because they will actually consume more of it and enjoy it and there’s just more of a benefit to all the vitamins and nutrients in it. I also agree that some of these foods are just a heck of a lot better than the others. The other woman stated she can get her turtles to eat the pellet food from Walmart and cheaper’s substances so I also looked forth for some new and better quality food.

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