Need Turtle Names Help? Boy & Girl

Question: I have a 120 gal aquarium with two turtles. I need help giving them names. I’m not very thoughtful when it comes to naming animals. I need someone that is really crafty with this sort of naming thing. One of them is a painted turtle and the other is a red eared slider. I’m desperate for help here folks!


Reply from Robbe N:
You really can’t think of a name for your own turtle?! Even if its stupid at least you thought of it.. Haha. Here are a list of names that start with a “T” as in for “turtle” I like to name animals like that. I named my turtle Tony but that’s pretty boring. Here are some good ones that I found. Just from pure randomness. here is a list of names that start with a “T” as in ‘turtle’ from

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Ten Steps to Naming a Pet

1. Define what Animal the Pet Is
2. Relate the Animal to Their Tendencies
3. Choose Your Favorite Trait from Your Pet
4. Blend these Three Traits together
5. Write a List of Possible Names
6. Take a Poll on Favorites
7. You Personally Choose Final Verdict
8. Give the Name a 3 day Test Run
9. If Name Isn’t Right, Move to #2
10. Brag Up Your Pet Name & Enjoy

Reply from Jessica R:
Here is a complete step by step process in which females (because we are the best) name their pets. This is the secret potion to naming any sort of baby or animal. Actually.. Human babies are a bit different because you name them before you actually get to see them lol. I got my first turtle before I even had supplies haha.

By the way I just totally wiped this up and created it. I take full responsibility in the creation of it (if it goes viral). People need to be a little more creative instead of just getting on a forum and asking a bunch of other people for names.

Reply from Sarah K:
Turtles are kind of a hard game going to think about it. I have had a couple of snakes in the past and it seems like there were a lot easier to give a name to because it was so basic. I would even consider something as simple as a dog being easier Just because it’s so easy to just think of a regular dog named than it is a turtle. If all else and it comes down to it just give it a name “turtle.” I have a friend that had troubles getting her cats and name so she just gave it the name “cat” And it worked out perfectly. Don’t stress out too much because I’m sure that your turtles not going to care too much to be honest.


My Turtle “Rhino”

My Turtle “Rhino”

Reply from Megan V:
I got the perfect name for your turtle! “Franklin” it’s an old cartoon character from my childhood. He eats everything in sight. If your having problems just look up old movies or tv shows involving turtles and it should be as easy as pie. Don’t forget about the ninja turtles tv series! Although I’m sure that one has been beat to a dead pulp for people using their names around here.

Reply from Darrel E:
A good trick that I have learned that works really well is it just get a smaller child to give the name of the animal. I swear to you if you give a child that’s five years old the opportunity to give your animal name it will do it no questions asked. A small young child can just look at an animal for around half a minute and just tell you a name right from the get-go and will be perfect. My younger daughter has literally given every name to every animal that is, part of our family. People always ask Will where did you find that really unique smart name and I’ll always just tell them it was my younger daughter. Give them the chance because they have really unique Imaginations And watch two years of cartoons on the television.

Reply from Tricia R:
If I were in your shoes I would try to concentrate on the fact of a turtle or tortoise having a shell. Something that can correlate with the shell of the turtle is going to make a lot of sense and be kind of funny at the same time. I have only ever owned snapping turtles so it’s kind of tough for me to give you a name for a different type of turtle like that. Maybe for the painted species I would call him Peter just because it goes with the word painted.

Reply from Mason R:
This might sound kind of geeky but my mother likes to look up names from the Bible and use those for our paths. I used to make fun of the idea because it’s kind of goofy but in the long run it actually worked out pretty well for our family. Our dog Joseph has lived a long life and maybe the name derived from the Bible had something to do with it. We’re not big on religion but it’s just an idea my mom got from a craft lady so you can’t really say that were huge and religious because were not.

Reply from Tiffany H:
I like the idea of having a younger kid do it for a daughter because that guy telling a story about his daughter was just super cute. And plus you could going to all your family and friends when you tell them the names that your little daughter Julia gave it a name and that’s just super adorable. I vote my vote to that idea because you said it is just genius. By the way.. I have to share this

Most of these pets we like to think our for our kids but sometimes we just like them so much that we take a hold of it. Just let the kid name it and don’t let it go too far with power towards the kid because sometimes it’s bad but just give them a list that they can choose from or just let them think of whatever they want. Okay I’m sick of babbling about this but instead just let us know what you choose because I would like to know and maybe upload some pictures of your actual turtle to see if the name is a good fit.

Posted by Amanda:
One of my pet turtles is so sick. I have taken it to the vet several times. Done everything they have told me to do but nothing is working. It has an eye infection that has go to bad it is not opening its eyes anymore (despite putting medication on them) and it has not eaten for 5 days now. Poor little thing is so lethargic and actually looks pale compared to the others. I’m back off to the vet this morning. I live in an island in the Caribbean and can’t get that medication that goes in the water. I am desperate to save this little thing. Any help would so be appreciated. Please help save my little turtle.

@Reply: What is the medication you need. Have you tried looking online and have it shipped to you?

@Reply: Unfortunately our postal system here is so bad it takes about 2 weeks to get here. It will be too late. My husband is I. The States I will tell him to get it

@Reply: No not at all Cody. I’m off to the vet again right now. I feel so worried and so responsible.

@Reply: take these little things on and I feel we need to do everything to look after them in the best possible way.

@Reply: Is that the container they live in?

@Reply: Yes it’s terrible I know. It’s needs a filter, sand and basking area. Filter is coming but in the meantime I am changing the tank every day with water that has been settled for 24hrs with the crystals in. I also have a basking lamp for them and they are put outside into sunlight for half an hour to a hour depending on how hot it is. I honestly did not know what I was taking on when I bought these turtles. I am honestly trying to do the best for them with the resources available in the island.

@Reply: Ok so if I find organic carrot juice, what does that do for them?

@Reply: You can buy carrot juice at any grocery store. alternatively you can blend carrots with some water. Warm on the stove and let them soak in it for an hour or so. This will get him vitamin a, because he could be suffering from a vitamin a deficiency.

@Reply: Yes the vet did say so. Is there any antibiotic that the vet could give?

@Reply: Get turtle fix. I bought it at Pet Smart. We rescued 6 turtles, when we picked them up two had sores and one had a bad eye infection and couldn’t even open one eye at all. Turtle fix added to their swimming water did it. They also have space to bask under their light. The people th at had then kept them in a tank full off water with turtles docks to bask on and their shells were flaking off too, so the are doing a lot better and I think they’re happier too.

@Reply: I wish you the best of luck. Years ago I lost an adult RES from an eye infection. Major problem being that no vet will even attempt to care for a reptile in my area. They will drive for miles to help birth any cow but turtle is just weird. Hell even had a vet tell me to let it go in the creek where it belongs.

@Reply: You might want to try contacting Joe’s Pet Meds or some of the other online pet med companies. If you have a prescription they can fill it, and perhaps use some speedy method of transportation to deliver it. Some have overnight delivery. I understand from your comments regular mail delivery is not good in your country, but what about delivery though other transportation companies? I’m not sure how meds are delivered from Joe’s but we’ve gotten things for our dogs and the delivery has been very fast.

@Reply: You might be able to get organic carrot juice at any grocery store that has an organic department. Also, a health store might have it, and some of the Indian grocery stores might also have it. My friend is telling me that when she was in Trinidad and Tobago they visited a variety of Indian grocery stories/markets so perhaps they could help also. Hugs and prayers.

@Reply: Soak him in Pedialite! 2 times a day! It’s full of the vitamins! The only thing a vet can do is give it a vitamin shot. Pedialite has the exact effect of the shot. I had to do this for my Red Ear for a few months, it’s not a quick process with reptiles, takes at least a month to clear up. But it works very well.

@Reply: Up the temp in the tank a little they are supper venerable to respatory infection when they have infections like this. Can you order the Pedialite online? I would ship you some if not. It’s really works! Promise. Otherwise he’s dieing a slow death here….

@Reply: I’m not endorsing anything having to do with Pedialyte because I don’t know how it works in turtles, but if you Google it, the breakdown of what’s in it can be found, and you might be able to make a solution like that yourself. While I have never heard of it being used for turtles until Evan Caster mentioned it above, you might be able to make something similar. Noelia Perez do you think something like this might work?

@Reply: First get a small container your turtle will fit in. Do not add this directly to the tank or habitat. Ever. I use a small old cleaned out cottage cheese container. Use a 50/50 solution, half warm tank water (from habitat), and half of the Pedialyte Non-Flavored or Clear (as shown in the picture, must be the non-flavored. Gatorade is full of dyes and nasty sugars ahh don’t use that). It has no ingredients that are harmful or medicines as suggested read the label. Heat the tank water, or Pedialyte quickly in the microwave for a few seconds or however you would like. Once it has reached between 95*-97* degrees (Celsius) or very warm to the touch. Not burning…. but warm.

I use a handheld infrared thermometer. You can find these awesome little babies online or at a local hardware store. I myself monitor my turtles temps, constantly. It helps monitor health conditions and also gives the most accurate reading… in my opinion for your basking area surface temperature. This comes in handy for this step, to monitor them temp as it will gradually drop while the turtle takes a super vitamin bath. Usually 30 minutes tops before it gets cool. About mid 80*s is cool enough for a sick turtle.

Do this twice daily until you see major change this could take a month or so I have seen longer. But it works I promise you all.To my understanding the Pedialyte is basically made up of the same boost of electrolytes, and vitamins your vet or any good reptile vet would give your turtle. Its all they can really do. The warm pedialyte bath soak is just a lower dose and its not shot into him with a big needle, it soaks in naturally like in the wild. The shell of an aquatic turtle is like a fingernail coated sponge if you will. That can soak in vitamins and minerals they need through it. This is how they have survived for thousands of years.

Yes they do not, live as long as any confined turtle. Mostly due to the fact they have no predators confined. They sit and get fat and live large for years in the proper care and conditions that is.You will see confined turtles eating tank pebbles, possibly because they are colored and look like food. I believe….Not the pebbles and small rocks or sand you WILL, most definitely find in any creek, I have ever seen in my region of planet earth. That’s bogus. I’m sorry to say…. If your turtle is eating tank rocks its possibly lacking vitamins or vitamin deficient.

This natural instinct is how they get some vitamins in the wild. I personally choose a more natural river rock for my tanks and add cuttlebone. I don’t use colored rock made for fish tanks.. Look into getting cuttlebone. Its sort of a vitamin filled block commonly used for birds, but completely safe for your turtle. Same ingredients that are found in all of those turtle blocks just half the cost. Check it out. They will love you for it. My turtles get a small sized cuttlebone directly in the habitat water every other month or so, easy care. I just toss it in and they will slowly munch it to nothing. The water seems to soak in and soften the cuttlebone some. Its full of needed vitamins they will not get in captivity.

They are tough animals and super resilient, but in captivity under non-proper care, and in the hands of people with a Google degree on turtle care they don’t live as long. Its the owners bad care. Not this awesome creatures natural ability to adapt and survive, they are dinosaurs. So educate yourself completely before you get reptiles like this. They are exotic animals and require some special attention and care. The are not a typical “pet”. Anyone that has one as a “pet”, should do the research… as much as possible, for these types of animals before deciding to bring one home. They can live a super long life in the proper care and habitats.They are just for observational enjoyment. Its not like you can take them on walks. I hope this helps, sounds like we have some armature enthusiast. I tried to make it simple… sorry for the novel…TURTLE POWER!


  1. Katherine B.

    I just got my turtle today and found this website from me browsing on what to name it. I thought about it and maybe you can name yours Frank,Greg,Gregory,Tom,Timmy,Jonjon,John, any of those silly names people usually think of like the name “Bob.” Hope i helped and enjoy 🙂

  2. Brooklyn

    Well I just used alliteration for my turtles… They are called Puddle and Pebble, so they both start with the same letter, so you could pick your favourite letter, or just any, and then think of names or objects that start with that letter. Names of objects or animals are especially cute… When my turtles have babies I’m going to name them after the ancient Egyptian gods, because I’m obsessed with Egypt… So that’s something iconic… You could pick something that has to do with an obsession or interest of yours……

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