Is A Turtle a Reptile or Amphibian?

Topic: I’m doing research on turtles and need to know if they are reptiles or if they are amphibians. It makes sense for turtles to be reptiles because of their skin but they also live in water like amphibians.. so I’m a little lost on what’s the answer for this question. I need the answer quick, I’m doing some homework.

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Posted by Jaime K:
Turtles are reptiles and not amphibians. The easiest way to know whether or not an animal is a reptile is if it lays eggs with a hard shell. I was taught that years ago and it really helps to determine what animals are reptiles. You said that turtles live in water but they can also live on land. The tortoise is closely related to the turtle and lives its life outside of the water. Hopefully that helps straighten out your information. If you need more information on turtles, just grab an encyclopedia and search up on turtles. Your school or local library is a great resource!

Posted by Chris R:
The one major difference between reptiles and amphibians are the scales on their bodies. Reptiles have scales on their body when amphibians do not. Likewise, reptiles also lay eggs with hard shells like the person above me stated. The scales help reptiles keep moisture within their bodies. Even though I don’t think turtles have scales on their skin.. I think turtles are of the very minority of reptiles without scales. The reason I know of this topic is because I had the same thoughts the other day on wondering if a turtle was an amphibian.

Posted by Jenny K:
Is this topic up for debate or is it settled that the turtle is in fact part of the reptile family? I was under the impression that all reptiles had skills like said before but if you look closely at a turtle I don’t think they have scales. So I guess that’s kind of where there’s a small gray area as far as reptiles go because the turtle does not have scales. I guess I could be wrong though maybe some of the box turtles do in fact have scales and I’m just looking at the weird species of a turtle right now and my aquarium.

Reply from Danielle S:
You’re completely wrong about turtles not having scales because if you look closely you will infect see that they do have scales in that’s what makes them a reptile. The trick is you have to look pretty closely with some of the smaller turtles but if you look at larger sea turtles from the ocean you can see them a lot easier. We just got into this debate the other day and my science class and it’s kind of a fun one to talk about and that’s how I found this topic here.

Reply from Jenny K:
Wow I guess you’re completely right and I was wrong. I did a little research hear from encyclopedia and it does turn out that they do have scale so I was totally misjudged on this. I guess I have learned something new today and saying that you wanted something new every day is coming true right now. Thanks for all of your time and this was a cool topic for me.

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  1. cameron

    they are not reptiles or amphibians they are reptillamorphs this is because reptiles are diapsids and turtles are anapsids and Amphibia is a septate lineage

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