Turtle without a Shell Look Like?

Topic: I got to wondering what a turtle looks like underneath the shell. If the turtle was without the hardness of the shell.. what would it look like under it? Is the body literally attached to the shell or does the skin and everything attach and ‘grow into’ the shell sort of say? Maybe you guys don’t know.. Can someone give me some valuable advice or info here. Thanks a lot.

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Posted by Robert K:
turtle without shellThe common misconception is that turtles can leave their shell but it is false. The turtle’s spine that runs through the entire body is attached to the shell. That would mean for the turtle to leave the shell, the spine would have to be torn out because it’s attached to the shell. Think of it this way, underneath that shell lays solid body of bones where the turtle body has very minimal movement. The skin is also attached to the shell as well.

I’ve never understood the idea behind eating turtles because there is so little meat for what your doing. Your killing an innocent reptile just to rip this big creature that lives for up to 100 years for a small margin amount of meat. I have seen people clean turtles to eat and not even get half the eatable meat a chicken would provide. Just my opinion on the topic. There are some images floating around the Internet of turtles that have been born with no shells and they are fun to look at. I advise you go take a look.

Who is to say that is what turtles look like with no shells exactly though… because you have to wonder if that turtle your looking at is just a fluke of Mother Nature and has some sort of disability or illness or if that one turtle just so happens to not have a shell and that’s what they look like?!?… Haha

Posted by Kenny B:
I know if you do a little research on how to clean a turtle to eat as a meal that they will show you how to cut one up and if you really want to see what it looks like without a shell that is a good way to start. I have seen videos on people cutting up a turtle and it’s one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen! so I must warn you that it is explicit. If you’re talking about some sort of total that runs around the circus or something because it doesn’t have a shell then I have no idea of anything of that in existence.

Posted by Cheryl E:
If you’re looking for pictures of what it looks like you could always look up some pictures of the anatomy when people take them apart in biology classes. But like someone else answered if you’re looking for the turtle but just so happens to be lucky enough to be born without a shell then I have not heard of that in existence myself. But if that is the case and you heard of a cool story then maybe you can show us or go out and find it somewhere else and come back and post picture because now you have me really interested.

I wonder if there has ever been a turtle that was born out of an egg without a shell? I’m guessing it would look very similar to a salamander or a sort of lizard or Komodo dragon and assets if you think about it.

Posted by Manion:
I am a science teacher and I am building a habitat for my RES. He is 5 inches in diameter and he is in a 70 gal tank with a canister filter that filters a 125 gal tank. The cage is full of water with a basking area on top of the aquarium. My question is, What type a live plants work best with a turtle (ones he can nibble on and not hurt him) and what types of fish/ animals should never go in a turtle tank? ( ie ciclids. catfish, ghost shrimp, ect.) Thanks!

Posted by Jason N.
We bought a hatchling turtle ( maybe a yellow ring or red eared?? two weeks ago at a flea market. He will not eat anything. We’ve tried pellets, freeze dried anchovies, lettuce, apples. He just watches it float around. My husband says they can live off the yolk they were born with for a few weeks. Well, its been 2. I begged my teenage daughter not to buy him, if he dies I’ll be sad sad sad. Any suggestions on how to get him to eat? any heaters you suggest for him? HELP!!

Posted by Jesse:
I am moving my painter turtle to a bigger tank. I have the tank all set up and at the right temperature. Should I be using some of his old water to go into new tank? Someone had mentioned to me that this is needed so the turtle is not shocked?

Posted by Yiang:
Hi I recently got a turtle and I was wondering if I could send you a pic of my set up and you could give me some advice on improvements please? It would really help as I know very little on the matter.

Posted by Kevin B:
if I need to completely change the tank, what do I do as when we bought the turtle, they said we had to have the tank set up for a week before we put the turtle in.

Posted by Kylie M:
I found a baby California freshwater pond turtle in bad shape. Fortunately, I have been working hard with my vet for the last five years to keep him healthy. Please clarify for me how much light does he need a day and does he need a night basking light. I have a heater, UVA-UVB that I use for 10 hours a day. However, I also use a night light. I’m I using too much light.?Please help.
Thank you

Posted by Natalie:
Hi nice pics!!!!!!!! I live in iran I have a red ear slider I bought her as a baby around the size of a silver dollar now she’s 1 year old and her size is about 2 and a half inch I think buying them as babies is better because they get used to you faster like mine she usually eats from my hand and they’re cute when their babies.

Posted by Jerome:
Can a person mix red eared sliders and western painted turtles in one large tank… 70 gal+ size? Painted turtle is about 4yrs and red eared sliders are about 6mo old…

Posted by Harvey:
I had a yellow margined box turtle named Mr China we rescued from an aquatic set up at a pet store in Michigan. We had him 11 years and he roamed the house. He loved to be rubbed under his chin and was kind of like having a cat lol. I would say he had the most personality of all my turtles.

Posted by Leroy:
I have always loved the Galapagos giant tortoise. They just have always amazed me with their incredible size, their long lifespans (imagine all the things they’ve seen) and their beautiful old man faces. I also think that their role in the advancement of science makes them fascinating. It’s so hard to pick just one though, I love the Diamond Back Terrapin too…they are native to my area, but I have never seen one in the wild! I would be so happy to actually get to see one in it’s natural habitat. They are gorgeous little turtles.

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