Do Turtles Eat Frogs | Can Turtles And Frogs Live Together?

Do turtles eat frogs? Yes. Pet owners rarely keep turtles and frogs together in the aquarium. Frogs and turtles are predators, so keeping them in the same place is like keeping a cat and mouse together. If any encounter happens with frogs, the chances of frogs’ survival are minimal because of their size. If a large frog attacks a baby turtle, there is no possibility of the turtle’s survival.

Both are predators, but turtles’ hard shells make it impossible for the frogs to eat them. Some pet owners also ask, “Can turtles live with frogs?” Keeping turtles and frogs together is dangerous as they are omnivorous predators. They fight for food and harm each other, and it is not safe if both live together in ponds. To keep them safe, place both in separate aquariums.  

What Turtles Eat Frogs?

Different types of turtles are there that can eat frogs. Let’s see:

Painted turtles – Can Painted Turtles Eat Frogs?

Painted turtles are found in Southern Canada and the United States. These turtles have bright-colored skin with various patterns varying with subspecies, so people love to keep them as pets. On the other hand, a person who wants to stay both frog and turtle often asks:

Can painted turtles eat frogs? Yes, young painted turtles can eat your frog as they are more carnivores than adults. The diet of these young turtles comprises 13 percent of vegetation, and the rest of the diet consists of insects, frogs, and other animals. Over time when they grow older, their diet consists of 88 percent of vegetation. 

Aquatic turtles – Can aquatic turtles eat frogs? 

Aquatic turtles include both seawater and freshwater turtles. And both have different diets. Some species of aquatic turtles, including pond turtles, feed on frogs. Seawater turtles can rarely consume frogs as they are not found in seas like watermelon.

There are some seawater turtles named giant leatherback turtles. They are carnivores that feed on frogs, jellyfish, snails, and other insects. Whereas freshwater turtles have the same habitat as frogs, and they eat other smaller insects. It is unfair to keep frogs with them in the same container as they never share their home.

Red-eared turtles- Can red-eared turtles eat frogs?

Red-eared turtles are a common pet in the United States. They do eat your frog, but their bulk of diet depends on other smaller insects and mealworms. Although these turtles do eat everything that fits into their mouth, it might be a piece of rock.

Snapping turtles – Can Snapping turtles eat frogs? 

Snapping turtles are savagely fierce turtles who devour turtles whenever they get a chance. It is divided into two known types: alligator and common snapping turtles, feeding on frogs. Even these turtles eat other turtles like painted turtles and juveniles. 

Snapping turtles can eat anything they target because they grip and snap their prey effortlessly. Experts think that this behavior in these turtles is due to their small size shells. They do not depend on their shell to protect themselves. In addition, alligator snapping turtles can bite humans’ toes or fingers, but they are pretty shy in water. 

Box turtles – Can Box Turtles Eat Frogs? 

Yes, they can. Box turtles depend on cacti fruits, apples, insects, worms, and even small-sized frogs for their diet. Box turtles eat amphibians and invertebrates as well. They have domed-shaped shells which protect them when their hard shells can bear harsh attacks.   

Can turtles and frogs live together? 

Yes, your turtles and frogs can live together in the same pond if you provide them with enough space and food. There are some factors that you must consider to keep both pets together. 


Plant different types of numerous aquatic plants in the pond. These plants help the frogs to hide when any clash occurs with turtles. Also, planting floating plants will help the frogs to escape from turtles. 

Separate Territory 

Place turtles at one end and frogs at the other. Keep them separate. But ensure that turtles have enough space where UV rays can reach and bask easily. 

Change and clean water

Changing water is necessary and good for frogs and turtles as they make the water messy. But not to change their water often because these animals can bear slight environmental changes. Other than that, they look forward to a pond outside the house where there are insects and mosquitos that they can eat. 

Can turtles eat African dwarf frogs?

African dwarf frogs are smaller than other frogs, their height growing up to 2.5 inches. In addition, they are used to living in groups. It helps them to fight against any threat and the chances of their survival increase. But it does not mean they live in groups fighting with turtles. They can coexist with turtles as they spend more than half of their lives underwater. So not a single frog will be chased by turtles. You have to maintain a diversion if you want to place them together.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can turtles eat toads?

Yes, turtles eat toads because they are not wise and cannot know that toads are poisonous. If your turtle eats a toad, it will become sick or even die. But it does not mean that every turkey will die who eats toads. The chances of death are high.  

Do turtles eat tadpoles?

Yes, turtles eat tadpoles, but not all can eat tadpoles, as I mentioned above. Young turtles depend on 87 percent of juveniles, crustaceans, insects, and tadpoles. Painted turtles, freshwater turtles, and red-eared turtles commonly eat tadpoles. 

Can turtles eat frogs?

Turtles eat frogs as omnivores and feed on frogs and other invertebrates. In water, turtles move faster than frogs, and they will eat frogs. Frogs are a promising regime for turtles’ diet if they are smaller than turtles because more giant frogs can harm turtle’s jaws.

Can frogs eat baby turtles?

Frogs are quiet. They usually do not fight with any animal, but if a frog is hungry, it will try to eat a baby turtle. The baby turtle is unable to escape itself from the frogs’ attack. Not all frogs eat turtles. Larger bullfrogs can eat baby turtles and all other insects that fit into their large mouths. You can not put a turtle with bullfrogs in the same tank. 

Final Words

Do Turtles Eat Frogs? Many people have asked this question. Turtles are omnivorous, so they eat both meat and vegetables. They will consume the frogs if given an opportunity. Whereas some frogs are omnivores or carnivores, most are herbivores, such as toads and tree frogs, who eat only vegetables. It indicates that frogs are less likely to eat turtles if you keep them in an aquarium.

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