Do Turtles Get Lonely? – Sad Facts About Turtles

Turtles are not known as electrifying animals. They can sit in one place for hours without any motion. We can never guess what they are thinking. Do turtles get lonely? No, because turtles are not social animals, they prefer to be alone instead of getting the company of other animals because they do not get bored.

I watched my turtle swimming in the tank and decided to make it my new friend and still struggle to succeed. Many scientists have researched turtles and said that they want to be alone. Maybe it is due to their lazy nature. In this post, I will tell you why turtles want to be alone, so continue reading.

Do Turtles Have Feelings?

Since feelings are a part of human life, we try to understand them better by projecting them onto animals. Turtles have feelings but not in the same way as us. If turtles have a cold, fever, hunger, or depression, they can feel but not like us. 

Turtles are not faithful to us like a dog, so they are not emotionally that much attached. They can not feel anger, happiness, and sadness, but they have emotions like stress and fear. As they show signs of anxiety whenever you tease them a little bit, and it can be joyful for you as a turtle owner. 

Do Turtles Get Depressed? Or Do Turtles Get Stressed?

Turtles can get depression, and its leading cause is stress. When they feel anxiety, stress, or fear, they are surrounded by depression. Your turtles can become ill when they are depressed. By removing the cause of depression, you can save your turtle from depression. 

If you have another pet like a dog or cat in the same house, these pets tingle your turtle’s tank, and your turtle can fear this and go into depression. The factors that can cause depression are:

  • Illness or injury
  • Basking temperature or nasty water temperature
  • No basking area
  • Bad food
  • Pregnancy
  • Low temperature
  • Improper handling
  • Continuous replacement of the tank 
  • Loud noises

Do Turtles Get Bored?

Turtles can become bored. If you notice your turtle’s tank, your turtle is sometimes climbing or digging in the tank. The reason is that your turtle is bored and wants to engage with something. If your tank has one turtle, then try to keep it entertained all the time. You can ensure that your turtle is not bored by doing these things:

  1. Making an obstacle maze in the tank is always a good idea. Place its favorite food at the end of the turtle enclosure. To enjoy the treat, they have to search for a way to go out of the labyrinth. 
  2. You can also place the empty shells and rafts in the tank, and turtles like to play with them. 
  3. Try to place sticks and plants in the aquarium. Your turtle will make fun by trying to climb on them. 
  4. Another way to please your turtle is to make a little pond. Your turtle will enjoy swimming here. 
  5. You can change the decoration of the aquarium after every 3 or 4 months. It will make the turtle feel delighted to see the change in the habitat.

Try to please your turtle so that any activity will not hurt it. You need to keep patience because turtles take time to pick things. Do not use complicated tricks to teach them because complex schemes can give them depression, stress, and a sense of being lonely. 

do turtles get stressed

Do Turtles Need A Friend?

Turtles need no partner but like to live alone as they do not want to share their place with others. A turtle will always take care of its survival. If you buy another turtle, they will always fight for food. The smaller turtles will be the victim of a giant turtle which is a rascal. 

Purchasing another turtle and placing it in the same aquarium requires complete knowledge about the species. Some species of turtles are much more aggressive as compared to other animals. If you put them together, they will bully each other. 

Always bring a turtle of the same species as you already have. The size of a turtle will affect it. Giant turtles will take advantage of being bigger if it is placed with tiny turtles. Little turtles should be kept alone to save them from injuries.

Can Turtles Feel Love?

The turtles cannot cuddle with you like some other animals. They cannot jump up and down in love if you give them affection. Instead, they can only please with your presence if you are sitting near you. 

They like to watch you. When you are doing any work around them, they might be watching you. When you enter the room, they will come to you to get some tasty food and walk quickly to get your attention. A turtle’s willingness to stretch its neck shows its affection if it does so in your presence. 

If your turtle closes its eyes as you touch it, it is affectionate with you. Turtles can feel your arm or hand with their nose to show affection. We can see this type of behavior in the wild. A turtle roaming in the house can chase you or bump with you to show love. You have to encourage its behavior.

How Do You Know If Your Turtle Is Happy?

The following signs will be in a happy turtle:

  • Happy turtles do adventures
  • Happy turtles dig 
  • They enjoy basking
  • A healthy turtle is a happy turtle
  • Turtles eat regularly when they are happy
  • When turtles are happy, you can easily handle them
  • Happy turtles splash water

Final Words

Do turtles feel lonely? Turtles like to live alone and are called solitary animals. Are turtles social animals? Not at all because they want to live alone. The addition of a partner will result in the expansion of problems. It is essential to know that two male turtles are evil, but two females are a little good. Fishes like Guppies are better to place with your turtle in a tank than reptiles.

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