Three Toed Box Turtle Lifespan – How Long Do Three Toed Box Turtles Live

Three-toed box turtles belong to the box turtle genus. In the United States, they are found in the south-central region. Three-toed box turtles do not want to be captivated because they get mentally upset when captured, so they are not ideal pets. 

You can still own these box turtles as pets if you provide them with the necessary living environment. Do you want to know the three toed box turtle lifespan before making a decision to own them? Keep on reading because, in this post, I will explain by a mile, “how long do three toed box turtles live?”

Three Toed Box Turtle Lifespan – Detailed Insight

The following table will tell you how long a three-toed box turtle lives:

Average LifespanMaximum LifespanSexual Maturity Age
Male Three-Toed Box Turtle30 to 40 Years70+ Years5 Years
Female Three-Toed Box Turtle40 to 50 Years100+ Years4 Years
Eastern Three-Toed Box Turtle25 to 35 Years60+ Years4 – 5 Years

From the table, you have seen that female three-toed box turtles live more than their male counterparts. The reason is they are less sexual aggression, unlike male three-toed box turtles. Additionally, it states that the eastern three-toed box turtle has a shorter life expectancy than its western three-toed box turtles.

three toed box turtle lifespan

Why do wild three-toed box turtles live more than captivated three-toed box turtles?

Open environment suits three-toed box turtles more than a box enclosure because it gives them room to move, roam, and play as they like. Whereas the box enclosure is not too large for them to do what they can in the wilds, which decreases their lifespan. You can increase the life expectancy of your pet three-toed box turtle by providing a similar environment as they can get in the wilds.

Follow these guidelines when making an artificial indoor borrow for your turtle:

  • Box enclosure should have at least 18 Square feet of space. 
  • It must have a high-temperature side at 85°F with a heat bulb and a lower temperature side at 70 to 75°F.
  • Humidity should be 60 to 80 percent inside the enclosure.
  • There should be a humid hideout for the three toed box turtle along with an area in which it can soak. Clean topsoil, coconut fiber, and peat moss are ideal substrates.
  • Spray the box enclosure with water to moisten the substrate and balance the humidity proportion.

Final Words

I highly suggest doing the research before deciding if you are ready for a pet box turtle. Are you passionate about keeping box turtles as pets? Then you should give it time to adapt. In this way, you will not be stressing your pet three-toed box turtle and more. Give it a chance to explore and feel its new home. 

Doing this will allow the leisure needed for acclimatization, so your pet will be happy and vibrant. With proper enclosure and care, the three toed box turtle lifespan can be twenty-five to thirty years. They may live less than that if not cared for properly because they need the same environment as they can outdoors.

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